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More Comments about the Bright Lights Materials
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"Thank you so much for all the effort and prayer you have put into BRIGHT Lights.  Our group of mothers and daughters is being richly blessed."

"My daughter and I did the first Bible study together yesterday and she was just all smiles!"

"I really like the Bright Lights notebook. I am almost done with Set One. Before, I had always wanted to have a quiet time every day. Sometimes I would do it for a few days and then stop. But when I read booklet four about biblical disciplines, I decided that I would have a quiet time every day no matter what. God has been helping me wake up earlier every morning."

"We have really enjoyed going through the first set of lessons and are ready for Set Two. I believe the girls have benefited greatly from these lessons, as they are so pertinent for the years of youth... Thank you so much for providing these marvelous lessons. The girls and mothers appreciate these so much, and talk of them in our church, that the men wish they had some for the boys… I believe these girls are learning to stand strong in their youth!"

"My mom bought your bright lights set. We do it every Monday at 7:00 AM and I’ll make a special breakfast. I like it so much. Thank you!"
– 12 yr old girl