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Grace Mally, 24, is grateful for the opportunities the Lord has given her to be involved in youth discipleship ministry. She lives in Marion, Iowa and attends Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel. She and her family have a ministry called Tomorrow’s Forefathers, with the goal of equipping families to be strong in the Lord. In 2002, Grace, along with her older siblings, Sarah and Stephen, coauthored Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.

Grace likes to arrange witnessing and outreach events in her community, speaks at Bright Lights and family conferences, and helps to lead the Bright Lights discipleship ministry, which was founded by her older sister, Sarah. As of 2012, about 500 Bright Lights groups have started around the country and internationally. These groups of young ladies are usually led by an older girl (or mother) who has the desire to invest in the lives of younger girls in her church or community. The vision of Bright Lights is to encourage girls to be radiant in godliness, holiness, and testimony—to be strong in the Lord in their youth.

In 2008, the Lord provided a commercial building that has now become the Bright Lights office and a bookstore named Noah’s Archive Christian Books. The Lord has continued to provide staff to work alongside the Mallys as they write new discipleship materials, lead Bright Lights “Strong in the Lord Conferences” and “Radiant Purity Conferences,” and organize various discipleship and evangelism events for their church and community.

Grace maintains a blog where she records updates on what God is doing in her life and the life of her family at www.gracemally.com.

Contact Grace:
Grace Mally
PO Box 11451
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410-1451
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